10,000 participants from 2011 until 2016


There are 1001 team building providers in Malaysia so why Fuze Ecoteer @ the Belum Adventure Camp? It’s not what participant’s do that makes us special but it’s how we engage the individuals and teams in learning through their experience, though our experiences are quite unique as well. Fuze Ecoteer is a game changing provider for team building in Malaysia. Fuze Ecoteer is famous for its mix of traditional adventure activities like high ropes courses and give back team building tasks that really bond a team.



For example at the Belum Adventure Camp your team could complete adventure activities such as rafting or 4x4 then visit one of the orang asli villages for a give session like giving school lesson plans, develop a fundraising event for OA education or being thrown in the middle of the forest and asked to create a meal for 300 orang asli with minimal tools.



Fuze Ecoteer will make your team think, act and enjoy themselves.



Why Belum Adventure Camp?


The Belum Adventure Camp is the perfect retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort is perched on the banks of the Temenggor Lake, basic but more than provides for all of your needs. Your team will stay in A frames and dormitories close to nature and one another. The resort has good roofed but open air break out areas for small group tasks.



If you prefer something up market you can stay at the Belum Rainforest Retreat but do your team building programme with our team.



If you are interested please tell us the purpose of your team building event, group size and other event details and we will develop a modular based programme suitable to your specific needs, contact us here





How do I make a reservation or booking?

Easy! Book here ...or if you're still unsure, contact us here.




What activities do you have in BAC?

From air to land and water, our activites cover all! For more details, please refer here.



How do I get to BAC?

Directions are available here.



What if I only want to do the activities but don’t want to stay at Belum Adventure Camp?

Sure you can! Please contact us here, we'll set you up.



Do we get to see the wildlife?

Belum is home to numerous animals and sightings are common, however we do not guarantee coming close or seeing the animals in the wild. But we do guarantee you a great experience at BAC.

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